Data Assumptions

Sharelytics data has been verified & independently audited in a few markets and we are always open to improving and correcting certain markets if needed.
There a few assumptions to keep in mind when interpreting data:
1. Turo's classification of vehicles is not always what you'd expect, it may classify Deluxe as Standard in many cases you'd expect Deluxe. So this may cause Standard vehicle class to be much larger than other vehicle classes.  Similarly it may classify Super Deluxe as Deluxe or Standard.
2. There is a time delay (at most 2-3 weeks) in how up to date our data with actual markets. We are working on bringing this down to weekly updates (daily for hot markets) but require compute and infrastructure investments which takes time.
3. Revenue data is an estimate of the minimum baseline earnings.  It does not include taxes, any fees, extras/add ons.  It currently does not account for trip length and assumes one day rentals (the average trip length is 2 days in most markets).
We are actively developing and enhancing Sharelytics so expect some more exciting updates over time.

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