How to fix data errors in Benchmark

If you get a message such as 'Not enough data' or similar then you've come to the right place!  This message is generic as there could be many reasons you'll get it.

Possible solutions you should attempt in chrono order:

  1. Edit your vehicle and make sure it has all fields filled, especially: vehicle year, make, model, zipcode, valid Turo/Getaround listing URL, valid Turo/Getaround calendar URL.
  2. After doing step 1, if you still get the error then check that you aren't the first person in your city/market with that make & model.  If you are the first provider then Benchmark does not have enough data but congrats on your new wheels!
  3. If you are using Turo data enrichment option, make sure your listing has a unique name/title and this is used in your Turo reservations calendar.  As this is used to differentiate between other vehicles your calendar might have.

Feel free to reach out to us at anytime should you encounter any further issues.

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